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I've been getting a lot of questions about who I am and who is running One-Of-a kind. To be 100% honest at this moment in 2020-2021 it's just me.

Hi, I love helping people by making art for the people that they care about. whether it be an older picture of your family. Or maybe you are starting your own company and you need a logo. whatever it is I'm happy to help. 

Overall One-Of-AKind is a small digital art business that will hopefully grow into a company so that one day you can get the app and be able to order any item with your requested design. I  am working on building the company and only charging  $1.00/bi-monthly to have a profile on this website but unlike other websites, we aren't going to steal other people's pictures for advertisement and then make that person pay us to use their images. We will be doing a background check along with requiring legal evidence that they are a legit business. No more having to worry about getting ripped off by someone you had to find at the last minute because you couldn't find anyone else. 

For anyone wanting to join. No more paying $50+ every day just to try and keep your small business alive online those people are only money-driven. It's ridiculous you are doing something because you find joy in making things for other people. We are also happy to share any tips we come across.

You might be wondering why $1/bi-monthly that’s $6 a year we also don't need to know your earnings, we want honest hardworking people to be found easier. This is just to have a verified page on a verified site so that people know they can trust you. Plus each person is completely independent we do not want to take away anything from the people that join us.

There is a lot of dought but if you think about it this can work people that do everything by request will finally have there own website. I hope to grow to the point that you can request something and be able to find someone that lives close to you. Sometimes so close they could just swing by and drop it off at your house. either way, I hope to continue creating designs for people. I do have to say in case something happens and this idea really starts to take off. Please be patient I am one person and I thankfully do have a job (it is12hr back to back shifts).  


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