Questions & Answers 

Q: What inspired you to create One-Of-AKind?

A: one of my main inspirations is how my parents chose to spell my name. Other than that I have always tried to make things for my friends and family for gifts. Nothing can compare to a personalized gift.

Q: "Do I have to pay extra to add something to the design?"

A: No you don't have to pay anything extra for One-Of-AKind to help you create a design. The only time you'll pay for a design is if it's for a logo to use as a profile picture .

Q: "What is the best way to make to make a design request?"

A: The best way to make a request is to go to our Facebook page and message us. send us pictures and or quotes that you would like. then we will make an appointment and you will be sent a direct link when it is completely finished. if there is anything you would like us to chnage please let us know right away.

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